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If you have a transaction on your billing statement that refers to, you
have recently purchased a background check, public records search, or employment history search.

Our mission is to create a service providing the customer the best quality data in our industry.

  • Always listening and responding to customer feedback to achieve the best customer service in the industry.
  • Actively monitoring and seeking out customers who felt they had a less than perfect experience and addressing the issue, including full refunds.
  • We work with the BBB, banks, advertising partners and compliance professionals to review our billing disclosures and claims to insure we adhere to industry best practices and excellent customer experience.

Here’s what the media has to say about our reports

Our reports contain NMVTIS data recommend by FTC

Why choose our reports?

  • A+ BBB rating
  • We’ve sold 6 million reports and provided 15 million free vehicle history reports
  • No hassle, no questions asked 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat, email, text and phone support
  • Every year our reports warn consumers of thousands of salvaged and stolen vehicles 

We have partnered with the most reliable data providers:

  • Authenticom
  • Zillow
  • RealtyTrac
  • MelissaData
  • LexisNexis
  • Skipmax
  • ObituaryData
  • SearchBug
  • SoftechInternational
  • Equifax
  • TLO (Transunion)
  • EVOX
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
  • Kelly Blue Book
  • JD Power
  • Chromedata
  • Ipsos

Our family of reporting sites have received over 500,000 reviews in the last 7 years. Each day we show some of the feedback customers have sent us by email, chat and online.

amin ghorbanpour
Consumer Reviews

"The service offers is very important for people who are in business for car. Usually there is a need for checking many cars through their VIN number and here you can find some information that are not offered through CARFAX. when I was looking for a car I had to check many VIN numbers to make sure the car has no problem and it is actually what the seller says. Sometime some people try to sell a salvage car and claim that there is nothing wrong with it and fool me, but using many times I could call their bluffs. Nice feature it has is the information about where salvage cars purchased in auctions so you can exactly trace car`s history. And most important it is free! The last not the list, it provides some check list for checking the car when you want to buy a used car. Nice feature which I used for purchasing my car."

Consumer Reviews

"I read many of the reviews and comments before proceeding. I found the reviews warning of accidently signing up for the premium service to be most helpful. I created a Word document and copied each screen change as I went through the order process. When I got to the Thank You For Your Order stage of the process, it was made pretty clear that to continue on would costitute signing up for Premium Access. Would it have been nice if mention was made of the price of Premium Access at this time? Sure, but I dont think is was dishonest not to state the price. If a person takes the time to read what is in front of them they wont be tricked into buying the Premium Access. I was pleased with the service...I gave them a 4-star rating because I felt there could have been a little more info on the report...even for a buck."

D. Christopher Spears
Consumer Reviews

"I needed to find out information about my 2002 Land Rover Discovery. Most people investigate the vehicle before it is purchased. Being that I was so excited about this SUV, I failed to use a vehicle history report before the purchase. I highly recommend that as a consumer you do this when you find that awesome used vehicle you are dying to slide into. I was relieved to know that from the information this website provided me, my beloved Rover has had no major problems. The report I received was very detailed and cover a ton of different topics concerning the vehicle. Very impressive website that delivers what it says it will. I also appreciated the fact that there is an actual person, Andy, that you can contact by email or phone. That gave me a peace of mind all in itself. I appreciate the help."

Consumer Reviews

"I was pleased not only with the price I paid but the added value of receiving not only targeted data, but resource e books to prevent my family and me from being the victims of crime including Identity Theft. Holiday Crime guidebook included things people seldom think of and need to be alerted of to prevent crime for the holidays, people are not protective enough of their data and with data breaches with major credit bureaus and marketers occurring daily, its important to have these guides and follow their sound directions. In summary I was pleased overall. To get 5 stars from me, the report must have comprehensive data an A++ I give them an A with one star being a D, 2 stars being a c, 3 stars a B and 4 an A they do have my unqualified recommendations. I will use them again, and again."

Consumer Reviews

"I have to say this is service is necessary in this day and age where shady deals abound. The report is easy to understand, detailed and well worth the small change they ask for. Give it a try and if youre confused about something, call them and they will be happy to assist you. I called them when a cookie asked me for my password as it relates to my e-mail account. That threw me.I told the person over the phone I used the option to log on as a guest and not join as a member as of yet. Customer service understood and assigned a password to me that I may use twenty some times.That was fine and the rest was easy. Just follow the easy prompts. Bottom line is I feel a lot more comfortable about this car before buying. I really got a good deal given the information I was looking for."

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